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Jesus Is No Tourist Trap But A Glorious Destination

Learning and diving into God’s word prepares us for when we will meet Father, Son and Holy Spirit in person. Arriving at the resurrection and seeing God face to face will be amazing. But as you strive to learn more about God and his love for us in Christ, this will make seeing Christ all the more rich.

Christ is Our Judge and Savior

The book of Judges is so surprising – even offensive in some places – because God is preparing his people for Jesus and the most offensive means of salvation; the cross.

The Ascension of Jesus

The Ascension of Christ teaches us that Jesus isn’t just an idea that stays with us or some hyper-spiritual experience he wants us to draw on. Jesus’ Ascension points us to His Word and sacraments for his presence.

What’s With the Robes?

We come to the church to meet Christ, not a motivational speaker. Not a man who is “better than everyone else.” The robe and all the other vestments cover up as much as possible the individual.