Pastor's Page (Page 3)

May 2020

Many churches in our day are looking for a new way to add souls to their numbers. They are looking for the newest and greatest thing that will aid them in their quest. The problem is, is that this has never been the way the church has lived. We do not live by doubt or fear but by faith.

March 2020

God will cause fasts in your life and it is solely up to his discretion when that fast ends. These fasts though are good for us because they are meant to grow our trust in Jesus’ words of forgiveness. Despite how things look to our flesh we know by faith God hasn’t forsaken us.

February 2020

With Eyes on Jesus as our theme this Lent, we will continuously focus on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, buried, and risen for our justification. This is a vision that will never disappoint, for by trusting in Jesus, He promises that we will gaze upon His beautiful face now by faith and forever in heaven!